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Cellvation: OLDMAKSIMAPP HAHAHA by FShounen Cellvation: OLDMAKSIMAPP HAHAHA by FShounen

NAME: Maksim Chemerkin

AGE: 18

SEX: Male

NUMBER: DT#07269

TYPE: Determinant

ITEM: Magnetic Perpetual Alternator

Magnetism and electricity generation. He can manipulate magnetic items around him within about a 4 and a half foot radius. He has the potential for much more, but because he is loath to practice, it seems unlikely that he will reach his full potential. In the presence of a conductor, he can generate electric energy, but this is very draining, and even if he was the kind of person to practice, he would prefer not because energy has to come from somewhere, and he doesn’t like it to be him. With an immense amount of focus he can generate a lot of electricity, but usually only enough to cause one’s hair to stand up, and even then only in jest.


HEIGHT: 5’10’’

WEIGHT: 140 lbs


Maksim is generally a laid-back person, and he’s also secretly very nerdy in that he is able to recall and relate data no one cares about. He rarely takes his studies seriously, but when push comes to shove he is able to accomplish ‘feats’ as he calls them. Under duress he tends to make jokes to divert attention from the topic at hand. When he is required to practice, unless he has a reason for it, he tends to not work very hard, or again, joke his way out of it. In order to take his mind away from things he'd rather not think about, or attempt to recall (like his prior life) he will mess around, or play jokes on various people. Pulling the fire alarm is among his favorites, and he often is disciplined for this. Pulling metallic fire alarms is more entertaining to him, because it is harder for him to get caught, but this normally doesn't stop him. He likes to take advice from Sydney Carton, because he likes to imagine he would have been a lawyer like him, had he not become a CV.

Maksim was orphaned at a young age and had no memory of his parents prior to becoming a CV. After being moved around for several years from orphanage to orphanage, he was eventually placed into the “Home for the Determined”. At this home children are tested for multiple talents and skills, which they are then allowed to continue into adulthood. It is the home of prodigies. However, adolescents who are discovered to have no real skills or talents are sent to become “Determined” as it is called, in other words, sent to a CellVation Laboratory.
Maksim arrived at the Home for the Determined at the age of 14. He was sent there because he seemed to show some skill at playing the piano. However, because he isn’t one to practice anything seriously, the orphanage mistakenly classified him as “ungifted” at 15, and at the age of 16 he was sent to the North Atlantic Lab for determination. He remained here for two years honing his skills before he began to slack off and was sent to the Pacific Lab in an attempt to "straighten him out".
Though he wasn’t supposed to find out about being branded as ungifted, news travels fast around the Home for the Determined, and Maksim developed a sense of failure that followed him into his new life.

-An immense amount of focus (but seldom focuses)
-His semi-photographic memory
-His attitude

-Has very bad control over his powers
ie. He can only really manpulate magnetic objects within a five foot radius of him, and only things about 25 pounds and less. He also cannot manipulate the gears on his body, which are strangely not magnetic. He is also just not interested in training his powers any more. He believes he can get by with his abilities now.
-Is very easily fatigued when generating electricity
ie. He can only light up a 100 watt bulb for about 30 seconds before becoming worn out, and need to rest for a few hours before he can attempt it again.
-He also has really bad balance.

-When first changed into a CV, Maksim was unable to manipulate fields very well, and could only cause magnetic things to totter slightly, as if there was a miniature earthquake. Because his sense of failure was one of the thinks that followed him into CV-hood, he trained his skill until it was passable at best, at which point he stopped training seriously.
-He speaks Russian, but his English has no hint of an accent, because he did not remain in Russia very long, and spent more time in English speaking countries.
-He doesn’t take intense personal jokes very well
-He actually has an older sister who is a famous concert pianist that he doesn’t know
-He can recite all of A Tale of Two Cities first edition verbatim (but this is really the only book)
-When in doubt, he references Sydney Carton
-He wishes his hair was purple
-He can swim, but if he swims in salt water, there's a chance of sending out an electric shock (and consequently possibly drowning)


:iconcellvation: (c) :iconbakaalpaca:
This Application (c) :iconbakaalpaca:
Maksim (c) :iconfshounen:

Ignore the fact that he’s a hunch back, yeah. I think I like the style which I lined this in, and even the colors, kind of. Overall I’m happy with this.

Here’s to hoping that I get in :iconstars-plz:

Also this is late because of THAT FREAKING ALTERNATOR.


Edit: Changed the image because it was screwed up and I hadn't realized it, and also changed the history a little bit.

Obsession with Russian characters? What obsession? Where? Who? What are we even talking about?
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